The City

by Phillz the MC

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Recorded at Trakkillaz Studio in Atlanta, GA

Written By C. Soto, D.J Corbett


7:04 pm Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whether you livin in the city....or visitin the city...conduct ya business with swiftness aint no pity in the city/aint no love here...just higher gas prices, tolls & bus fares/stress, pain & agony, lotta drugs here!/some using em & some movin em/some do & some don't what percentage is you up in?/cruisin in that left lane can I live?/some ran when death came DAMN some never did/comes in all different forms even a pair of lips/the city a turn a murderer from a clever kid/UH...From a porch or balcony far as I can see, attracts massive traffic in...outta town trafficking...Fuck livin for the moment, FLY poses capturin/people livin it up NOW..cuz they aint have it THEN/Every city in the world I'm now rappin in/view the scene for what it is pimpin, no closed-captionin....

[Hook] (D.J Corbett)
The city looks right tonight & I can feel it....
I see my name in those flashing lights & I can see it....
Its goin down all over the world....
Its goin down all across the world...
Tonight x2

Wed, Feb 9, 2011 7:10:02 PM

Smoke swirls & a buncha mirrors...
Pockets fulla of the man responsible for hangin keys from a kite.... We so thorough, tryna touch a million...
Before the age of 25...look how we breezin thru the night/Blowin like Bobby Marley...Spot us at all the parties...Lookin Slick & Fresh attractin all the Loddie Doddie's/6 minutes & I'm on...Henny Privilege in the bong...Start the marathon at night & we finish in the morn/UH/Sex in the City & she's so Samantha/Fuck til the Sign Fell (Seinfeld) & I'm so Costanza/its goin down all across the world... Sorry homie hoes choosin, you just lost ya girl/& while them lames passin out we just passin in/& start all over 'gain baby, we so passionate/every city in the world I'm now rappin in/view the scene for what it is pimpin, no



*spark lighter*
Float with me on this journey....

Wed, Feb 9, 2011 8:13:00 PM

From the City That Never Sleeps to the City a Sin....City of Brotherly Love to the City a Wind....Now now, now if you rollin with me... Floatin thru that Motor City, City a Angels... Magic City, Throw the money at an angle... Keep Keep, Keep up as fast as you can... They want more ink, I need more ink, nigga Amsterdam, London & Japan/every city I'm now rappin in/view the scene for what it is pimpin no closed-captionin....



released February 16, 2011
Produced by @DJCorbettBLM




Phillz the MC Atlanta, Georgia

Thank You For Not Believing 👏🏾

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