Super Nice

by Phillz the MC

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Written By C. Soto


Friday, December 11, 2009 3:19 pm

I mean you know when you get to that certain level of comfort...that certain zone... where niggas aint fuckin with you....everything seem so inferior..minuscule even...that's when you've reached Super Nice..
Thursday, February 4, 2010 12:07 am

My niggas blue & red & reds flashin....I one night a bitch she think its newlywed passion/them Vickies get moist when that jewelry get to flashin/livin life by the day...we know this movie aint lasting/LIVE action saucy in whatever spot/act stupid we get it craccin on whoever block/but we aint here for that we chillin on a different plane/we takin straight trips, you switchin onto different planes/Fuck you say? I can't hear you..ya name aint doG backwards I can't fear you/like a cricket when I spit it; ears to the pavement...Since a kid I replaced the word fear with amazement/Won a grip out in Vegas; couldn't bring it back...Too busy tryna double my money & make stacks...Fuck it...still I'm on to the next one....Three Floyd fights down...I'm goin the next one!...cuz...

Countin dough is all a nigga know blow loud packs to the sky...
Got the biddies all open flashin titties guess its cuz a nigga super fly....
Poppin corks in the club in VIP nigga feel free to hate on me tonight...
Cuz I don't really give fuck about ya feelings right now I'm feelin Superr Nice......
Sunday, May 9, 2010 9:36 pm

Sensitive thugs ya ALL need hugs...Barely a buck50 ya ALL need grub/& we ALL G'd up...I aint lovin these hoes...Cool J ass niggas ya ALL need love/Its like I warm up to the coldest it the Chocolate Factory; a few Golden Tickets/I aint holdin grudges...I'm holdin hundreds/Forget they name right after I was told they number/Damn my fault what's ya name again?/We don't do lines...We don't pay to get in/you on the line screamin BOTTLE SERVICE!/I'm standin on couches screamin MODEL SERVICE!/you a lame nigga & I'm that nigga/we givin out deals, cuz ours packs bigger/know how it feel BROKE...know how it feel RICH/you choose the name babygirl...Phillz or Chris? cuz...




I told her, I aint for the slores I'm so for her/like her fetishes for MAC & Sephora/in the back of the Lac nigga I'm so flaw-less/asses get smacked & heads hit doors (YES)/more or less, R.Les, Diamond Girl/but you gettin stiff dick no diamonds girl/I don't even know ya name to be honest girl/I gotta go baby Welcome to a Rhymer's World/Gotta twirl it light it put it in the air/ride by the D's, blowin Diesel put it in the air/FUCK what you think & FUCK what you sayin..cuz ya aint convict the muhfucka that clapped Raylin (RIP)/FREE my nigga DUTTA...Ridin on snitches....Polo jock on the horse sittin right above the stitches...on my right eye...lookin for the money?...lookin for ya honey?...u found the right guy....cuz...



released March 9, 2011




Phillz the MC Atlanta, Georgia

Thank You For Not Believing 👏🏾

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