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Written By C. Soto, Produced By DJ Premier


Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:48am

Damn man....all the fucking seats taking...guess I gotta go 2 the next cart...fuck it...yo!! yo!!! ayo! wake up B!...U could move ya feet? Aint no seats...Good looks...(sight) ...Fuck it guess I'll put on this iPod......

They say success breeds envy BUT I just copped a box gold & blacks/ massaging the thought of victory BUT never "holding back"/keep some rubber bands around hand for when I'm holding stacks dusting off golden plaques....rearranging em in my corridor/whenever I get the +Thrill+ I take em +Off the Wall+/Jackson's next to Franklin's folded under Washington's/I hear the birds chirping but I ain't watching them/matter fact I am while these thirsty niggas is gargling/pardon them, can't envision the bigger picture when he stop chasing the pussy is wen his figures a switch up/hands on.. with my bars like I'm doing chin ups/to my niggas behind wall guard ya neck & keep ya chin up/He's leaning on me sleep told this lil nigga to sit up/& I think you missed ya stop he said "Nah B, I miss my popz"/Oh he died recently sorry to hear that/he said "Nah, the nigga packed his shit & said he never coming back"/DAMN! & shorty only 11 years old/remember feeling the same way just several years ago/pay attention lil nigga & remember what your told/jacket yaself with knowledge so you could weather the cold/wiped the snot off my vest...his stop was coming next...he gave me dap, lift his chest, got up & left/then I noticed this older woman rocking back & forth/caught me staring at her dead in her face I had to talk/excuse me didn't mean to come at you so rudely, she said "Appreciate it; no offense; you couldn't soothe me/cuz they said it wasn't nothing they could do for me"/I said u positive? "Nigga, I'm Positive!"/Damn, I lost my grandfather to it/didn't really know em just know that he was into music/advise u communicate with ya family...so you could have a clear mind & go with ya sanity/oh & let bygones be bygones/her stop came I press play on my iPod....TOUCHed.... on... public... relations....


from World Premier​.​.​.​Now Premiering, released November 26, 2010




Phillz the MC Atlanta, Georgia

Thank You For Not Believing 👏🏾

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