Live Eat Drink Smoke (L​.​E​.​D​.​S)

by Phillz the MC



Sat. July 21st, 2012 2:29p (South Beach MIAMI)

Now if I said it then I seen it, better believe I mean it/These niggas been watchin constantly, plottin on how to G it/Callin it how I see it, I beat it keep it a secret, she subbin on how she skeeted, I peep it but don't retweet it/Naw… I got bigger endeavors... Add a city to the 4S tryna figure the weather… Hit Miami no luggage... Smokin loud out in public.. I know the more I floss before the deal, the bigger the budget/ NIGGA!
UGH... So FUCK what a hater SAY! Tomorrow ain't promised, I gotta LIVE today!/With these bitches, I just FUCK, I ain't gotta PAY... She recommend the Salmon, I made her cook Filet… blink long, & she's gone, reminiscent of Friday, a young Nia Long/she blow a kiss when I pass thru, I blow two back, her momma got ass too....

Thurs. July 18th, 2012 9:52p

The haters still mad, bitches still bad, Porterhouse, Crab Legs &
Henny on splash, baby put it on my tab, loud as fuck in my lungs like a
Live Eat Drink Smoke, Good [x4]

Sun. July 29th, 2012 4:12a

Kissin in public... Hella swishers & dutches... Just flirtin with Mary Jane, a buncha lickin & touchin/Yup yup, I'm crushin so I'm down for that PDA...ain't no discussion break her down then we mediate...Aint got no seeds so she down to come & see me late, problems she alleviate.... She take me to them stars! She take me up above… Release my stress, I keep her fresh... I put it in her jars/jaws! But she never let em lock down... On the highway we love to put the top down....Vibin out to some Marley... No Woman No Cry, prolly... She got me hooked & I'm sorry, I can't fuck witchu Molly/I bring her to every party, her scent make the models crowd me...Here baby take a shotty...don't pass her to everybody… Cause she talk LOUD & she got GAS... Shit, she even talk LOUD when the cops pass…


P-p-po' up, I need more Henny in my cup....
R-r-roll up, I need more Sativa in my blunt... x4

[Hook] x2


released September 30, 2012
Produced By @ImSledgren
Recorded By @JPadronATL at 882 Studios, Atlanta, GA.




Phillz the MC Atlanta, Georgia

Thank You For Not Believing 👏🏾

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