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Written By C. Soto, Produced By S. Original


7:37 pm Tuesday, August 19, 2008

She said....."Let me show you how...let me show you style...in fact u possess that...lemme hold u down/be that ride or die bitch that roll piffy up/grape dutch blaze up...& ill even keep the 8 tucked/I'll walk miles for u...bag pounds for you...fuck the D.A. the night before trial for you/ UH /Can't believe it....u got me fiendin....love it wen u grab my hair & beat it"....I said "I'm leaving....I be right back!"/never knew my dick game a do things like that/have shorty bending her back cuz I'm bending her back/stole her from her man I'm feeling like sending her back/I mean I never held her hand in the mall or the club/every time I see her she all in love/I never should of put it ALL in...love/I'm a pimp...I rarely trip...picture me falling in love...She still saying...

You don't wanna fall in love with a nigga like me mami....Oh u wanna put ya lips on something I can arrange something like that.....Make a few calls...Make a few calls.... You wanna do something for me HUH? Aight...aight listen....

I mean....I don't mean 2 b an asshole/I'm just focused on counting my green mami that's all/by any means....pills hash or that soft/in mean time lemme palm that ass that's soft/ill never pass her off gotta her moving packs off outta state she never hesitate 2 let the mach off/mac gloss doobie wrap Chanel shades/don't mind staying in a hotel for days/cuz I wasn't sentimental wit my presentation/What's good ma?...here's a rental & a destination/go get that & come back to daddy/hit her wit her cut & a cum back from daddy/uh I'm so in control.....told her grab da wheel say "I'm in control/so for me shorty a stretch niggas/now she thinking bout that money lying to the next nigga like.....

You really think she's into you huh nigga? Hahaha She's thinking about that next dollar, dickhead! Got ya head all gassed up & shit...Let me talk to you girl...


It's all about the Jackson's, Franklin's & Grant's/them type of names bring trips 2 England & France/fuck a dollar & a dream I gotta single & a chance/she said the smell of paper give her a tingle in her pants/like Pringle's in a can them chips was stacked/took the same mentality & switched 2 rap/1st they love me then they hate me den they love me again/talk shit behind my back ...my shoulders shrugging again/like FUCK?....supposed 2 bother me nigga?...if u playing wit the money that a bother me nigga/u clogging up space this aint an artery nigga/I take this shit serious cus it fathered me nigga/uh...I love 2 see her smile...20z 50z & hunits she love 2 count em down...even wen I'm not around/shit getting thick invest in money machines/flipping that green green I swear the money would sing...like...


from World Premier​.​.​.​Now Premiering, released November 26, 2010




Phillz the MC Atlanta, Georgia

Thank You For Not Believing 👏🏾

All Production: PhillztheMCbeats@Gmail.com
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