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Written By C. Soto, Produced By D.J. Corbett for Black Light Music LLC


Sunday, June 6, 2010 3:55 pm

YO YO YO YO YO...........

Mothafuck ya opinions...Mothafuck ya suggestions...
Hearing TOO MANY answers & I aint ask no questions... Nick-picking all my BARS...searching for some flaws.... Ya looking for me dog?...Call up one a ya broads...Cuz while you steady rhyming bout how you the hardest nigga...psshhtt..it aint hard to figure...hoes won't even bother with ya/Ha ha ha blowing exotic on a balcony...watching the waves thinking why these niggas got it out for me/Damn I'm just PMC..uh..I'm just being me..uh...maybe the way I breathe...got em in E N V-Y/Why even bother with these niggas/They all my daughters I'm a buy some garters for these niggas/UGH they can't stand me tho...Wet Willies Miami flow...while they walking to the store b-buying p-pantyhose/I aint stopping til I'm in a Big Benz...counting Big Benz...slide the curt-tain & see Big Ben....Yea
Thursday, June 17, 2010 3:54 pm

YO YO YO YO YO......

Mothafuck ya opinions...Mothafuck ya suggestions...
Hearing TOO MANY answers & I aint ask no questions... All these oOos & ahhhs...so if I'm rude to yall....just @ me out on Twitter nigga then we'll move along/I'm focused on my future aint no time to argue with ya...yea I might polly with ya I aint tryna party with ya/cuz that mans fake felt it in his handshake...give me a damn break...I do for my fans sake/can't please everybody..that's just the chance u take when u thinking outside the BOX I been planned my escape/then patched it up real nice & through a bow around it/fucking am I kidding I just (w)rapped a few flows around it/place an obstacle in front of me watch I go around it/karma is a mothafucka watch it merry go round it/the flow I found it now I'm worshiped by the cooler kids/leering to the next venue I'm flirting with the stewardess....Nice
Sunday, June 20, 2010 7:17 pm

I gotta common sense.. like a common scent you hear my voice its sparks memories, commas & shit.....
niggas is feeble to me...laying in a fetal to me...Where's ya favorite rappers FANS at? Nigga feed em to me/This is FOOD for thought & they got foolish thoughts bout to carve my name in the game like a stool in court/Yea.. So FUCK the judge & FUCK YOU too/Heard the rumors & allegations the feelings mutual....


from World Premier​.​.​.​Now Premiering, released November 26, 2010




Phillz the MC Atlanta, Georgia

Thank You For Not Believing 👏🏾

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